Pizza Night

IMG_1084 IMG_1083 IMG_1081 IMG_1098 IMG_1099 IMG_1113

Pizza is sooo easy and quick to make when you live close to a Trader Joe’s! They have pre-made pizza dough for just $1.19 as well as killer pizza sauce for $1.99. All you have to do is roll out the dough, par-bake it for about 10 minutes at 400 degrees, then add sauce and your favorite toppings and cook for another 15 minutes! It’s sooooo easy and sooo delicious. I normally put a bunch of veggies and pineapple on mine (I forgot the pineapple at the store when I made this pizza 😥 , so I had to make do without). I like to top my pizza with romaine lettuce after it’s cooked. Is that weird? I really just love the crunch! You can also add olives and vegan cheese for a little more flavorful pizza. Side note: I just purchased some vegenaise from the store and tried it out for the first time with my pizza. It was super creamy. I saw that there were a bunch more options at the store as well. Is there any kind that is better than the others? Let me know in the comments if you prefer one kind over the others/ what the differences are!


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