Patty’s Kitchen Breakfast Burritos



If you know anyone who lives in Moscow, you have probably heard of a little restaurant called Patty’s Kitchen. They have the best mexican food anywhere in town. At my local Farmer’s Market, Patty’s Kitchen always sets up a booth where my sisters and I get their famous breakfast burrito. They never seem to have enough of the pico de gallo to put on the burritos, so my sister and I decided we would try to replicate the burrito for ourselves. And they turned out SO WELL! These are up to par with Patty’s if I do say so myself! They are 100% vegan as well (if you skip the sour cream), so if you are ever in the mood to cook yourself a luxury breakfast try out these burritos! I used this recipe for the potatoes, this recipe for the pico de gallo, and then all you have to do is wrap them both up in your favorite brand of tortillas!


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