Homemade Refried Beans (No fat)

IMG_1368 IMG_1367 IMG_1369 IMG_1370

I love mexican food. A lot. I decided to make my own refried beans this weekend and they turned out so yummy. You can make bean burritos with these or toss chunks in a mexican salad. I followed this recipe. For the taco seasoning I used this recipe, but omitted the cocoa (I had packets of taco seasoning but they had milk in them :/). I just added two tablespoons of the taco seasoning I made instead of one tablespoon of taco seasoning and one tablespoon of garlic powder. The beans definitely needed salt after I added the seasoning. I added maybe a teaspoon or more of salt, but you can just add as much as you like. If you like refried beans, you should definitely try out this recipe. Beans in bulk or so cheap and this recipe is so easy and has absolutely no fat!


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