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I love pho. Whenever I am in a big city, I always look for the nearest Vietnamese restaurant and go get myself a big bowl. I was really craving pho today and, having no other options, decided to make my own vegan version. In order to make good pho, you MUST make good broth. I just made regular vegetable broth and added a little bit of hoisin sauce to it. With the sriracha sauce and jalapeños, the broth was nice and spicy. I did not use regular pho noodles either. I used rice vermicelli which I purchased at my local asian mart. I feel like what I ended up with was somewhat like ramen noodles and somewhat like pho. Regardless, it was delicious. I sautéed mushrooms in place of the chicken that is normally in the pho I get, and added green onions, basil, bean sprouts and a squeeze of lime. Perfect for a cold day!


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