On A Cold September Night

IMG_1936 IMG_1934

There is nothing like mashed potatoes and gravy on a cold night. I absolutely love potatoes. They are super cheap and super quick. You can make them in so many different ways I could never get bored of eating them. I picked up the packet of vegan gravy pictured above from my local food co-op. Putting this meal together is super simple. Peel, boil, and whip up your mashed potatoes in an electric mixer (for fluffy non-gooey mashed potatoes dry off your potatoes after boiling because the water is what makes them gooey). Add water, the contents of your gravy packet, and anything else you like (such as diced up corn, carrots, peas, etc.) to a pot and let it cook until its thick. Then add the gravy to your potatoes and you have one delicious meal! Note: I got this idea from High Carb Hannah.


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