Lettuce Boats




I love lettuce boats. They are yummy, healthy, and suuuuuuper versatile. You can pretty much make any of your favorite foods, wrap them in lettuce and voila! You’ve made a lettuce boat! Pictured above are two of my favorite meals I’ve been eating in Italy. The first idea is a pasta lettuce boat. Simply boil water, cook your pasta, drain, mix the pasta with your favorite pasta sauce, then wrap the pasta in your favorite kind of lettuce and enjoy! I used romaine lettuce, but butter leaf would be really tasty as well. You can also add in any veggies you like, but I was lazy that day. The second is simply mixing rice with pasta sauce and cooked (frozen) spinach, then wrapping the mixture up in lettuce! It is crazy simple, but insanely delicious! Try it!


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