For Thanksgiving this year, I made this super delicious kale salad! I was inspired by one of my favorite vegan channels to make this. Check out their recipe right here. I used a different dressing and a few different toppings, and it turned out really good. Next time I make this I am definitely going to make a lemon garlic dressing instead of an avocado-dill-cucumber dressing. My family really liked it, but I don’t think creamy dressings go well with kale. I made a bunch of other vegan dishes for Thanksgiving. I made (a vegan box) stuffing with vegetable broth and vegan butter. I made the mashed potatoes with almond milk and vegan butter. My sister made some delicious cranberry sauce that was (obviously) vegan. I made a green bean casserole that was really gross, so I won’t tell you about it. My dad just bought a bunch of tubes of Pillsbury crescent rolls which are (you guessed it) vegan! For dessert I had cocowhip with pomegranates! My brother separated out the seeds of eight huge pomegranates, and everybody had pomegranate seeds in the fresh squeezed orange juice we made and sparkling cider. Overall I had a really great Thanksgiving! Next year maybe I’ll learn not to stuff myself so much…


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