Kale Sushi


I got this idea from Mommy Tang, who is a Korean youtuber. She has the best recipes, and while I was in Italy I watched all of her videos. I wanted to make everything she made, but I  wasn’t able to because foreign foods in Italy are very expensive. When I arrived home, I found that there was almost nothing in the fridge… but there was kale! And then I remembered that Mommy Tang made a recipe video on Kale Sushi. I made it with a few tweaks, and it was INSANELY good. You gotta try it!!


1 bunch of kale

2 cups of sushi rice, cooked and cooled

4 sheets sushi nori

handful of sesame seeds

1 tsp sesame oil

a pinch of garlic powder

a pinch of salt

poppy seeds (optional)

Cut the stems off your kale. Steam the kale for 5 minutes, then rinse in cold water. Drain the kale by wrapping it up in a paper towel and squeezing out the water. Slice up the kale, then mix it with the sesame seeds, sesame oil, garlic powder, and salt. Spread your rice on your sushi nori sheets, sprinkle poppy seeds evenly over the rice, line up kale in the middle, and roll. Cut and serve with pickled sushi ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. Enjoy!

*Note: I always water down my soy sauce to consume less sodium. Also, for this type of sushi (due to the slightly bitter taste of kale) I added a few teaspoons of a vegan teriyaki marinade into my soy sauce. You can also add a bit of sugar to the kale before rolling the sushi (this is what Mommy Tang did).*


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